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Lithuania welcomes the EU-UK partnership agreement

Created: 2020.12.24 / Updated: 2020.12.24 17:38
    Lithuania welcomes the EU-UK partnership agreement

    Just before the holidays, on 24 December, the European Union (EU) and the United Kingdom (UK) have agreed on partnership agreement governing the future relations.

    “The partnership agreement between the EU and UK provides the long-waited clarity for all those whose daily lives are connected the UK both to the business community and to all Lithuanian citizens willing to travel to the UK. Lithuania highly values that long-term close relations with the UK will continue to be fostered”, Minister of Foreign Affairs Gabrielius Landsbergis said.

    In almost ten months of intense negotiations, the EU and the UK negotiated terms of cooperation in eleven areas: trade in goods and services, fair competition, transport, energy, fisheries, mobility and social security coordination, law enforcement cooperation, thematic cooperation, UK participation in the EU programmes and other horizontal issues, as well as governance of the agreement.

    In the negotiations, EU negotiator Michel Barnier and his team followed a mandate from the Member States in the best of their interests. The agreement reached today is a good reflection of this mandate.

    The agreement also reflects aspects important for Lithuania. Lithuania has consistently supported the aim to reach a broad and comprehensive agreement with the UK and emphasized the importance of close cooperation in the areas of transport, movement of people and coordination of social security issues. These provisions are included in the agreement reached today.

    Legal proceedings for the EU and the UK should begin soon so that conditions of the provisional application came into force as of the first day of next year. This will ensure that close cooperation between the EU and the UK is not interrupted for a single day, thus avoiding the tough situation where the EU-UK relations are not governed by any agreement.

    However, the agreement does not replace membership, therefore changes will follow. Entrepreneurs can learn about the pending changes on Enterprise Lithuania website. Lithuanian citizens who plan to go to work or study in the UK can find out about changes in UK immigration policy on the UK Home Office website.

    Lithuanian citizens who are already in the UK and have acquired one of the two resident statuses granted to EU citizens in the UK and their family members (i.e. settled or pre-settled) will not experience any changes.

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stresses the possibility for the Lithuanian citizens who have arrived in the UK before 1 January 2021 and intend to stay in the UK to register in the EU Settlement scheme for EU citizens in the UK.

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